Stress Reliever

Valentina Bellucci

37:00 Film Apr 12, 2024

Rick comes home from a long stressful day at work. Valentina (Rick's wife) is preparing dinner for them. They talked about how their day went and plans for the night. Rick tells Valentina that he is stressed out because of a project he is working on. Valentina feels bad for him and tells him to relax for the night and she will take care of him by cooking dinner and possibly some more fun. She sneaks off to the bedroom and changes into sexy lingerie. While Rick is in the living room watching television. Valentina walks into the living room. Surprising Rick with her sexy lingerie. She tells Rick to relax and enjoy the night. She walks into the bedroom as Rick follows her. Valentina starts taking Rick's pants down so suck his hard cock. She loves the taste of his cock and deepthroats his love stick. Rick repays her the favor by licking her sweet pussy. When she is ready to fuck, she takes off the rest of the lingerie and asks Rick to pleasure her until he cums inside her wet tight pussy. Rick unloads a huge load into her which she fully enjoys.